Between colonial control and African agency: the requirements and identity cards for “assimilation” certificates (1917-1961)

Public lecture by Matheus Serva Pereira at the 5th International Conference. Territoriality, Governance and Citizenship, organized by the Center of African Studies from Eduardo Mondlane University. Maputo, November, 28 and 29, 2019.

This paper uses the documentation housed at the Mozambique Historical Archive to approach the african agency in requesting the “assimilation” identity card. Based on these sources, Pereira’s lecture interpretes the different mechanisms of Portuguese colonial control during the period in which “Assimilation Laws” were in place (1917-1961) and discusses some early interpretations of his current research on the daily resistance against the colonial regime.

The complete programme of the Conference can be found here.

This project is funded by FCT (PTDC/HAR- HIS/28577/2017)

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